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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

100 pemuisi #seratusmulut

Its a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I still cant make a decision. 
Should I join it? Or shouldn't I? 
I'm an amateur. I'm not a pro in literature. I write, but only on blogs. But I always wanted to write a book. And published my book. And this is like a step forward in achieving my dream. If my poem got selected and be one of the 100 people that they selected, it will be published in a book called 'Seratus Mulut'. Who wouldn't want it? But I don't think I'm good enough to enter this cause I don't know. I'm lack of confidence I guess. 
Should I or shouldn't I? Ugh, I hate making decision. But it's a chance that I will never know if I could get it again in the future. 

But then again, if there's anyone who's interested in this, do join it. And visit seratusmulut.tumblr.com for more inquiry :)
Let us all support the Malaysian writers!

P/S: Sorry for being lost from this blog about 3 months. Been busy with all the study thingy. 

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