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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, November 9, 2012


Nobody wants to failed in their life. Neither do I. The final exam for my semester 1 has just came out this morning and I am so grateful on my results. Allah has helped me a lot. And now He helped me once again. He opened another way for me to achieve my dreams in the future. And He has granted all of my prayers. Alhamdulillah.  I am so speechless right now. Though, most of my friends gets higher pointer than me, and I do envy the, but that doesn't says I hate for what I got on my results. I'm still  grateful on mine. I know how much effort I've put on the final and that's what I got for the result. It wasn't that bad, I still passed the least mark which is 3.0. I just have to prove more on my second final. I hope I can do better than this. InsyaAllah, with the help from Allah, I believe in myself. And for my those that upset about your results, please don't be. You've tried your best. "It's better than nothing," - Syasya. And it is true. Don't ever give up. Keep trying, do your best, InsyaAllah there's a way leading you to success. Mom, Dad, thanks for believing in me. You guys are the best parents ever. Thanks to mom for never stop having faith on me and dad for keep supporting me. And yeah, I will make you guys proud again in the future. Thank You Allah for ease the way to success for me. And now, it's time for me to focus on my MUET. Wish me luck! :)

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby

Nurul Hidayah.