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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Dear dad, 
Happy 45th Birthday Daddy! 

Happy getting old day to you. I know that I'm suppose to say "You're 45 already?" But what's really on my mind is, "Seriously dad? You're just 45? I thought you're 50 something." Hahaha, sorry dad. but its the truth. You look old to me. Yeah, whatever it is, you'll always be my dad. I still remember, when we still live in under one roof, we always celebrated our birthday together cause mine is just 3 days after yours. I still hoping for that to happen again dad. How I miss you. Well, anyway, I just wanna say Happy Birthday and may Allah bless you with all His love. I'm sure He will. I love you dad. Like love love love love love a lot! Hahhaha, InsyaAllah, I'll go back to Ampang and give you your present. My hugs and kisses for you dad :) Hehe, have a happy life dad. I'm with you all along. 

With love, 
Your truly amazing awesome cutest brilliant little princess daughter. 
XOXO, love you dad :)