"I typed my life because I don't want to forget each moment. I'm Nurul Hidayah, 20. Muslimah. Malaysian
They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


#PrimarySchoolMemories got trend on the Twitter last night. It reminds me a lot of my primaries memories. 

I caught myself smile and laugh a little when I tweet about that. Lots of memories on primaries suddenly came out of my mind. I remember every little things that happen in primaries. I miss that moment so much. I still remember how I always have a sleepover at Arisyah's house almost like every week, chasing each other at school with Sara D, Firdaus and Zainul, danced on the High School Musical with Damia, Fara and Abidah, acting a hilarious drama in the class with Arshad, gossiping with Sara A. Oh, there's a lot of thing going on at that time. I couldn't even forget it if I want to. I realized that was the most amazing moment I ever had in my life. How happy I am when I was just a kid. No love, no pain. Just fun and friends. I still remember how cute I am in primaries. Went to school with my 'GIRLS' backpack, ponytails hair, and have this 'special' hand shake whenever I met my friends at school. I never thought how happy I am back then. If I have the chance to turn back the time, I'll go back to my primaries and live that moment for awhile. But I can't. Time will never turn back, it will keep moving on. So do I. So, let the memories stay here in my heart and in my mind so that whenever I feel depressed, frustrated, sad, angry and etc, I will look back at the memories and laugh my ass off in the room alone. If I have the chance to meet everyone in my primaries soon, I think we're gonna do some stupid things like we used to in our primaries. Haha. They are the true friends actually. No drama, no hatred, just fun and friendship. That is what my primaries are all about. 

Nurul Hidayah.