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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Readers 

First of all, I wanna say Hi and Assalammualaikum to July. Welcome back July in a brand new year :) Hopefully, this July will be 'just fine' to me and please be nice to me. Cause, July is a test month. Almost every subject will have their first test in July. May everything goes well, InsyaAllah. The thing is now, Im not going to talk about July actually cause I've always talked the same thing about July almost every year. So, just shorten it a bit for this year. Hewhew :3

I've realise something now after it has been a month since Im here, (in Shah Alam) away from the closest people around me. "Remember to always be nice to everyone even if that person do bad things to you or maybe hurt you. Cause what goes around will comes back around". Mom always said this to me when Im going somewhere far from her for long time. And time just proven that the phrases is true. it does happen to me. Well, here's a lil' bit story about it. As you know, I have a boyfriend before (which is my ex now). And Im really closed with his family. And his family are just like mine. But as written by Allah, we are not belong to each other even we wanted to. Me and him broke up last year. And as mom has said, always be nice even he'd hurt me at that time. I've accepted that the relationship is over with all my heart cause I know that something do happen for a reason. And until now, we still in contact like a friend. Like we used to be a 'friend' before. The amazing thing is, me and his family are still like a family. Got it? Even his mom, his sisters, his cousins and so on still being nice to me. They visited me in UiTM. Sending me awesome meals, (esp his mom pudings). Hanging out with me on weekends and so on. Honestly, at first, I feel like I dont wanna involve with any of his family anymore but the phrases that mom said always there in my mind. And I am so grateful that I listen to mom. (Well, mom always knows the best) 

Now, even that Im far away from mom, from my family, I still have a 'family' here :) So, I wont be that homesick actually cause I know that there's still someone, some people who do cares about me here. So peeps, just a reminder to you, always be nice, delete the word 'payback' in your life dictionary. Just be nice to people. Cause everything will comes back to you. Sooner or late~

p/s: I hate test. lol~

Love, Nurul Hidayah