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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear readers

Look at the distance...

It has been 3 weeks that I've been away from my mom. Its kinda awkward cause mom and I never been separated this long. Even when Im in the boarding school, mom always visited me. Seriously. I do miss mom right now. But, this is one of the challenge that I need to face to become a successful daughter to my parents. But I am so glad that I've a supportive mom. She only call me several times in a week. But we always talked to each other through Facebook. She gives me a lot of advises about studying, friends, Islamic thingy and so on. I know that mom will never forget me or neglect me. No mom would do that to their children. Living here, by my own, is kinda difficult. Cause its kinda new environment to me. I need to find my own food for a day, I need to manage my financial all by myself, I need to take care of myself and everything that I do is all by my own. Im still trying to manage this kind of thing to adapt into my life. And I know I can do it. Mom is always right here besides me, like an angel :) Hehe. Well, living by my own really shows me how the real world is. The real people. The real friends. Everything has been revealed. Hahahaha. *Mojo Jojo laugh* Anyway, the point is, even though its kinda little stress studying here, but I still having so much fun here. With my classmates, my roommates esp. InsyaAllah I'll never feel regret studying here. InsyaAllah. And dear mom, if you read this. I miss you mommy :) I miss your cakes, your 'puding's, your cooking ofc :) I'll be back to Ipoh by the first week of Ramadhan. Wait for me mom :D 

Love, Nurul Hidayah