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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Sunday, March 25, 2012



Every child will hate to see their mom cry aite? I hate to see my mom cry. Especially when I am the one who caused the tears. When I told mom Im going back to kl today, mom just be quiet and suddenly, she cry. I felt so guilty for it. Even its not a bad thing. But mom just make me feel so hard to leave. Yeah, I know. Mom really needs me now. Being back home in Ipoh for this 5 days really shows me how mom lived with my sisters when Im gone. She's been busier than ever. And that make me think that I should be back here, live with mom and help her with the house chores and so on. I decided to quit my job at kl and open an online business at home. I always dream of opening my own business. Who knows one day I could be a successful businesswoman. The only person I cant live without in this world is mom. This mom and daughter relationship bonding between me and mom is really strong. Mom said so. She raised me up all by herself for this almost 18 years. And I am so glad to call her my mom. And I think I've make the right choice by staying by mom's side always. So, I'll go back to kl today and meet my boss. Quit the job, and lived happily ever after with mom. She already suffered a lot when Im gone. She need to do all the things all by herself. I never thought it could turn out that way. But now I've saw everything. And dear mom, I promise I'll be back in this short time. Let me just settle up all the things at kl and I'll stay back in Ipoh. You were always there for me before. This time, its my turn to be by your side. Im the eldest daughter in the family, I should take my responsibility. 

Mom, see this! Me in mustache. Smile please :') 

Love, Nurul Hidayah