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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Saturday, March 24, 2012



You might be wondering what's the thing that I really wanted you guys to expect. Haha, I've falling in love again. With the same man, with the same guy, with the same boy. Lol~ Haha, dont wanna talk about this too much. Cause no words could describe the feelings I feel right now. Its "undescribable". Haha new words from Professor Nurul Hidayah. A philosopher from Malaysia. Okay, cut it out. He may be different than other guy I've ever met. But the differences in him what makes me love him. Instead of flowers and chocolate, he gave me an Al-Quran on my birthday. Instead of starting a text with "Hello Gorgeous" to me, he text me with "Assalammualaikum Sayang" . People might think he's so lame for doing that, but for me. I love it. At least I know, maybe he's the guy who could lead me to heaven. Cause he's also my mommy's choice. Yah, yah, such a lame tradition. But I dont regret it. I dont even think I hate to call him my man. I actually love it and proud of it. He might change me for good and I'll accept him with all my heart. Not because I was forced to, its because I love Allah. Allah has shows His way for me to repent to him. He gave me a man to lead me to His way. And Alhamdulillah, I am really thankful to him and Allah. My life is getting easier now with him by my side. He reminds me a lot about "We live for Allah" and someone on Twitter once said "Fight for Allah's love first, then Allah will gave you someone to love" InsyaAllah. Thanks for people who still supports me with my decision. And to those who I might break your heart. I am sorry. This time, Im looking for a serious relationship. Mom, thanks for choosing this man to be the man in my life. And Nazmi, thanks for being such a great man I've ever had in my life. Life's is about accepting the good things in your life. 

Hahaha, something from Tieka. She received a LOL from me. 

Thanks Amca for the friend spirit you always gave me :)

And here you go, jokes for today. She's such a hilarious girl on Twitter. But in real life, she really dont do talking a lot. Trust me. And I still love her. Hehe. 

Love, Nurul Hidayah