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Monday, March 19, 2012



You guys must be wondering why am I counting the days. For those who were born on 94's, they'll be counting the days too. Same goes to me. Wanna know why? Its because of the SPM RESULT is going to be in our hand this Wednesday! on 21st of March 2012. Like...SERIOUSLY? Cant believe that its too soon ==" Feels like the time is now running, not walking anymore. Why why why ? Im not ready to know what I've got for my SPM. Seriously not ready to take the result. I know I've tried my best in the SPM, but I dont think I've tried hard enough. Hm, I hope everything is going to be okay. So do my result. I hope I'll get a flying colors result so I could make mom happy with me. Make mom proud of me. And make me proud of myself too. I pray for excellent result every time I perform my solat. And I do pray for my friends too. SO that we could earn the word 'success' together cause we've tried hard enough and pushed our self hard enough to be the best among the best. I hope we'll achieve it. I really do hope for it. I've done everything I could to make people around me proud of me. But there's nothing else I could do now. All I can do for now is pray and leave everything to Allah. He knows better and He knows what is the best for me. And I hope He'll give me excellent result. InsyaAllah. I cant talk too much now cause Im really nervous about my result. I've done everything I could to have a good result and I hope that everything I'd do before is worth it. Aminn. 

Love, Nurul Hidayah