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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Say hello to my new cuzzy :)


Here you go, take a look at her. A baby girl. She's my new cousin. Who was born yesterday at 10AM on 7th February 2012. Isnt she's adorable? Hehe. Her weight when she was born is 3.91kg. Kinda big huh? But stil...she's cute. I am kinda excited to have a new cousin. Even she's not my sister or even my baby, but still, she's my cousin. how can i not be excited. A new baby is born to this world, isnt that a good news? Right. Okay, she doesnt have a name yet. Cause my maksu was so confuse to put what her name is. But I love the name Balqis wanna gave to her newborn sister, Nur Amelia Batrisya. Kinda cute right? but still, leave the baby's name task to her mom. Maksu knows better the name for her baby. Anyway, pray for my new cousin okay? Pray for her health, herself, her happiness and everything. Will appreciate that guys. Now that i am to excited about her, my brain is now in 'blank' mood. Dont even know what to say now. haha. Just I wish that she'll be a pretty grown up one day and a good person to the world and a nice Prophet Muhammad Ummah :)

Love, Nurul Hidayah♥