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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

END OF 2011.


Today is the last day of 2011 . The end of the year 2011 . There's a lot of things happening in this year. I've been through so much things in this year. There's so much story to tell. But Im going to write it in short. I'll try. Haha. Cause Im not good in summaries things. If I write it too long, I hope that readers will still read it. 2011 is the year when I hurt my heart the most. The year that I regrets for what I've become. The year that I hope I could just forget when I woke up on 2012. Crazy roller coaster ride would be just perfect to describe how 2011 has been for me. When I first woke up on 2011, I never thought that it could be last year Im in school. The year that I'll be taking SERIOUS exam, like SPM. The year where Im going to face that I am no longer a kid. I never thought that I could have such a feeling on the first day of 2011 . I was so excited about school . Cant wait to be a senior actually . Planning out to bullies the junior. *this is what Lilo's plan* Haha. This year also has been the year that I didnt actually proud of. I've done something that I shouldnt have done. But things happen. And now, I just have to face it and keep moving on for 2012 . Cause I've read somewhere . "If you're not prepared for today, then the day tomorrow will not be yours" There's a lot of things that I learnt from 2011. We learn from mistake. And I wanted to change. I dont wanna repeat the same mistakes again. 2011 has been so bad to me and I was hoping that 2012 could be nicer to me. Cause Allah is fair. I know. The day keeps moving on and now, here I am. Still breathing on the end of the year 2011. There's not a lot of things that I can tell you about 2011 for me. But all I ever know is, 2011 hurt me the most. 2012, new hopes for me. 

*Keep praying for my best friend. Hey honey, its 2012. Please, wake up :') Im still here, standing still for you*

-A Writer To Be-