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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, December 30, 2011



I am not going to talk alot about this trip cause there's no such words could describe how fun I was at the i-City. So, Im going to post some photos to describe about the day. And sorry of this post might be boring for you guys. But, I write about my life on my blog. And this trip is a part of my life.

Meet the most annoying person in my family, Husna. Lol.

I just touch the penguins. *Like it reals. Haha.

Actually, she just fall and trying to cover it up by posing this way.

Meet Ain, my favorite person in the house :D

We're just awesome sisters in Snow Walk.

meet my Paksu :D

Im trying to be Malaysian Minnie Mouse in blue ribbon.

Isnt they look cute? Haha.

Attention, this is a cow from Planet **** Haha.

I had so much fun at i-City. And I cant wait for Lilo to get well soon. Cause I wanna take her there. And I want her to have fun the way I did. Im going to make her laugh again. Ya Allah, please accept my prayers. And Lilo, stay strong. Im going to take you to have fun once you're 100% awake. I promise :)

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