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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Monday, December 26, 2011


Dear Readers♥

The first thing I wanna say now is I am soo sorry for all the bad English from me since the first day I wrote on my blog. Its just that, mom always said that I have to try to speak whenever I go. Cause that will only make me better in English and now, here I am. Blogging in English. Its not that Im showing off to people that I can actually speak English, but Im encouraging every one of you to speak and dont ever be shy. We learn from mistakes. So do I. So, try to speak as much as you can. 

Okay, enough with the mumbling. Today is the second day Im staying in Klang. And I do miss Ipoh actually. Like seriously missing  everyone in Ipoh. The reason Im here is because I have to take care of my little cousin, Yasmin and her mom. Cause her mom now is going through her pregnant days and she has like 6 weeks more before the baby came to the world. Lol, such a word I used. Haha. I have to be a mom when Im here, taking care of the little baby. But its okay, I love babies. And love it very much. But at the same time, I do cared and think about my best friend at the hospital. Who's taking care of her? Who's came to visit her? Who's besides her and playing with her? Hm, these questions keep coming through my mind. But I only have one body and two hands to actually do a work. I can only pray that someone in Ipoh will take a good care of her when Im not there. While Im writing this post now, she is now having her third operation and I hope she'll be safe. I know she will. Cause everyone is praying for her. Dear Best Friend, be strong. I'll be back soon okay? I do also miss my boy a lot. Miss the way he tickles me when Im mad. Miss the jokes he told me even it is not a joke exactly. Miss the way we argue about nonsense things. And for short, I miss everything on him. I know that I'll be back to Ipoh soon. And he's the third person I wanna meet other than my mom, the first and my best friend, the second person. Lol, I actually make a list for it. 

The reason I titled this post "Life is getting harder" is because there's so much thing that I need to handle before 2012. I need to end up everything so quickly and nicely so I can have a great 2012 next year. 2011 is already hard for me and I dont want 2012 to be hard too. It'll be a new hope, new dreams, new everything. I just hope that my best friend will get up soon, like 100% up. And Im not going to live far away from my boy and my room. I just wanna be near with someone who actually cares about me. And I know who the person are. I just hope that everything will be better once 2011 end on this 31st december. I dont want my life to get even harder in another 5 days. I know Allah is fair enough to give test to me. He will give a test that I can actually handle and its not going to be beyond of my ability. i have live for 17 years in this world, and I know things enough. 2012 will be a new things for me. I hope so. Thanks for actually reads my crap.