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Sunday, January 22, 2012



Dear readers, usually I dont talk a lot about the 'oreo' man on my blog nowadays. I usually talk about him w Lilo. Since, she couldnt be able to listen to me now, blog is the only place where I can spill everything. I shouldnt blog this, but I want to. Cause this moment is included in my best memory ever. And will  never forgets that. Yesterday, we spent almost a day together, yeah, just the two of us. Cause it has been like a year and a half since the last time we're in contact and seeing each other. He's s friend of mine. Like the coolest friend I've ever met. I just couldnt tell alot of things that happened yesterday. All I could ever write is I had so much fun That is all. I never actually thought that I could see him again. Never thought that this moment will came again. I've known him since I was 16. And meeting him again yesterday will always be a memorable time for me. We talked, talked and talked all the time. And like always, he and his jokes, never failed to make me laugh. And he's still charming in his smile. The most important thing is, he never loses in every thing that we've been arguing. He always be a winner and I am the loser. Haha, you better watch out, cause next time, I'll be the winner okay. Haha. Im lucky to have a friend like this 'oreo' man. I am so lucky. And I never hope our friendship will ends here. 

This is us when we've spent our hours together at the KLCC Park talking about people around us. Lol,  I remember this moment cause he really good at making dialog. Haha, he should have be the voice for a cartoon series :P

Here is the 'oreo' man, Hafiz Idris :)

Haha, its kinda funny when he cant accept the fact that he is 'kerempeng'  This photo : He's trying to look fat but he's not. You're amazing the way you are dude :)
Love, Dido