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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Dear readers, by looking at the title, Im pretty sure all of you will start thinking that Im going to post an entry about love. Lol, this time no. Im happy with my love life. And I wont change it. The feeling I am talking now is about the feeling of being in a school hockey team. Earlier, at evening, I got texts from my former coach, Cikgu Wan. 

Coach : " Salam, awak free tak rini? "
Dido : " Knp cikgu? "
Coach : " Sya nak ajak awk dating dkt sek ptg ni. "
Dido : " Haha, pukul brp? "
Coach : " 4.30 "
Dido : " Nnt sye cari trnsport dulu. InsyaAllah. Sampai pukul brp? "
Coach : "5.30 je "
Dido : " Awat kejap sgt? Haha. "
Coach : " Pnjng ceritanye, nnt kita gossip dkt pdg "

*lol, she's funny. Such a sporting coach to me*

So, I went to my former school. Lol, *since im not schooling anymore, I'll use the word 'former' alot* hehe. And when I got on the field. I was like whooooaaaaaaaa. That feeling came to me, swooooooossshhhhh! Just like that. I felt like Im in the team again now. Lol, but Im not. Im 18 now, and I cant join the team. So, what Im going to do is, I'll help my coach to train my former team to be the best until the next game. It has been a long time sine I last playing hockey on the field. So, I felt a little bit awkward when I hold the hockey stick earlier. but still, I just love that feeling, love the high spirit of hockey. I've been in the hockey team like 4 years, and they're like my family. I cant abandoned them just like that when they're having problems in the team. I'll help them. Cause that's what our motto is. " ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY " Yeah, I still remember that. Anyway, if Lilo is here, Im pretty sure she'll join me too to train the team. But then, everyone knows, she wont be able to. But its ok, I'll take care of this team for her just like I care about myself. So, Im going to give my teacher a help so this year, our team wont be in the forth place anymore. The first place. InsyaAllah, Aminn :D 

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