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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Dear readers, doesnt it really feels like old time when we're meeting with our old friends? For me, its a YES! Yeah, I went to KL yesterday cause Im planning to meet up with my amazing superb annoying closest friend since I was 13, Amirul Firdaus. Haha, I called him Ayoi and sometimes, 'Makhluk Asing' Haha, he's adorable to me. The first second when I saw him, I was like "Whoaaaaa, I cant believe he's Ayoi" He looks different. Majorly different from the last time I saw him. It has been like almost 3 years since the last time we're in the same school. And I moved in 2008. Before, he's just a small little boy with the same height as me, kinda snobby, nerdy look and annoying ofc. Haha. But now, he looks different. He looks tall, handsome ^^ with his charming smile and the annoying hasnt change at all. Haha. *I am not falling for him, Im just proud cause he changes* Haha. But then, when we walk together along the Bukit Bintang, it does feels like the old time when the time he always disturbing me with my work, making me laugh, gossiping with me, try to held me up when I am at my lowest, and everything we had did before. We talk and talk and talk all day long and still, he never bores me. I still feels like it was in my dream that I've met him finally. It has been so many years. Cause he's one of the closest person to me when i was at the boarding school. He's like a brother to me. He always protect me. And that is why I love him AS my brother. And he's planning for another meet up and Im pretty sure it is going to be amazing. Cause both of us has a lot of story to be told. And when we're talk, we jut cant stop. That is what amazing about me and Ayoi. And I'll pray that this relationship wont ends here. Amin :)

This is us in 2007. Little kids. Haha.

And this is us in 2012. Haha, there's a different. look at it closely. We're adorable dont we? haha.

-A Writer To Be-