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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Dear Readers

For such a long time I am not able to be blogging and now here I am. Im back :) Back to where I always be. Blogging. Yahh, Blog Blog Blog. My life :) Now, SPM is over. Like really really over. I just cant believe it. That I just went trough the hardest war for a 17 y/o students. Yahh, SPM ofc. And I did it, I made it until the end of the day for my last paper. And it is today. Haha, My SPM war starts with BM paper and ends with LK paper. And Im glad I had made it until the end. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for makes everything easier for me :) Now, whats left for me to do is, pray to Allah and hoping that my results will gonna be okay and I can make my parents proud of me. As SPM is over, surely there's no more highschool huh. And Im going to miss that moment. The moment I felt in highschool. Everyone is going to miss it too. No matter how much do they hate highschool, when they finally graduated from highschool, they will miss it. Like me. Just like me. I miss wearing uniforms, being nagged by teachers, being caned by teachers, stupid arguement with friends, HOMEWORKS ofc. Haha, when there's no more highschool, I knew it is time for me to grow up. Being matured cause Im not a kid anymore. Im going to be 18 by next year. And I need a change. But I'll keep the originality of me. Cause that's what makes me different from anyone else. Trust me, everyone is special in their own way. There will be no more highschool dramas such as girls fighting over boy, boys fighting over girl, being called to discipline room, being caned by discipline teachers and so on. Now, it is time to face the real drama in real life. And I have to face everything alone. The past will be the thing that I have to learned from, I need to enjoy the present day of my life and always be ready for the future.But still, I dont have any plans for my future yet. But all I wanna do now is, get driver license a.s.a.p and get a work while waiting for SPM results. After that, Im going to think about it later. But mom always said, life is hard when you're not a kid anymore. And I knew it. Just by looking at how hard she have to face all the problems in her life. And I wanna be just like mom. I wanna be strong like her. Cause Im her daughter :D There's a lot more things that I need to learned from life. And now, all I have to do is be prepared. To all 94's kids, all th best in your life. Face the future with smile :) "ALWAYS PUT A SMILE" :D