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Monday, November 21, 2011

HEY, ITS MY BIRTHDAY *20/11/2011*


My wish for my birthday this year :

  1. I wish that Allah will gives me the happiness I ever wanted all this while.
  2. I wish that I got good results in my SPM exam.
  3. I wish I got my Blackberry by end of this year like my mom promised to.
  4. I wish I can get in touch with everyone that I hope I will get.

And I achieve 2 of these wishes and Im glad! I will forever remember this date. Forever will! Its my 17th birthday today and Im really having a blast today. Thanks for everyone who non-stop wishing me birthday. Thanks to my friends for those sweet sms I get shen I wake up i n the morning and looked at my phone screen. Thanks to all the facebookers for those "Happy Birthday" "May God bless you" "Goodluck in SPM" and "HB" wish on my wall post. And for all Twitterians, thanks for those sweet and cute mentions on my Twitter profile. You guys are just awesome XD And for anyone that called me, Thanks for using your topup to call me. Haha. I really had a great time today. I woke up in the morning and I see my mom's sitting besides me on my bed. Once I opened my eyes, she was like "Happy Birthday Baby, I love You" Haha, I love you too mom :) And my other 4 younger sister, Thanks for the presents that you guys gave me this morning. Its pretty :) Thanks mom for treating me lunch at Secret Recipe today. I really enjoyed the Spaghetti Bolognese and Banana Split. Yumm Yumm :P Both my favorite (Y) And thanks for Abah cause you brought me travel to Jaya Jusco today even you dont want to. Haha, you're cool Abah :) And for Daddy, thanks for the text and birthday card that you post for me. And not forgotten for the RM17. haha, just because im turning 17 today, you gave me RM17 haa? Awesome xD And for Lilo Nicola, Ridzuan and my lovely boy, Nazmi. Thanks for the moment that we had at Botani. Even I was showered by flour, its okay. Im having fun with you guys. I really does! And for Paan, thanks alot for giving my number to 'Oreo' haha, believe it or not, the 'Oreo's' story is starting again. this is just another reason why I'll never forget this date. Just this evening, 'Oreo' had contacted me back and Im really happy about that. Now, I can never think that he hates me. He act the best person I ever had in my life and always will be :) Dude, thanks for lighten up my day. You really made me smiled all day long even my mom's getting weird about me. Its been a long time since we'd our last conversation and now, we're going to talk like almost everyday if you want to :) Dear 'Oreo', by knowing that you still remember my birthday date is enough to make me think that you still remember you. And I miss you alot! Thanks dude. And for my one and only sayang, Nazmi :) You're just awesome. You make me laugh all day long with your sweetest texts. Thanks for saying that you loves me more than ever and thanks for cares about me. You're just to sweet in your shy-ness. Im glad to have you in my life. And for anyone who gaves me presents, I really appreciate all of it :) Love ya guys beyong everything except Allah and my parents<3 

Getting ready for the Party String Spray :)

Yeah, Im the victim :)
Im th ghost of the flour. Haha.

Sunshine :)