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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Sayang ♥

Muhammad Iman 

Today, on the first of November, its been about 7 months we've been together for all these times. For me, 7 months is not really a short time. Cause I've never had a long-lasting relationship with my ExS. Like I ever said before, you're one unique man. You're extraordinary cause no one ever makes me feel the way I feel about you. The power that you have to keep me loving you is just too strong. I've never felt that power before and you're one lucky man to have that power. Loving you is never a mistakes for me. You will never know how I am really glad to meet you and fall in love with you. Still remember our first met? I do remember it. Cause you'll always be my 'Pencuri Kentang' and now you'd have stolen my heart and be the 'Heart Stealer' of mine. Cause every second, every minute, every hour, every day, I could feel you heart beat trough mine. That is what meant by I love you to the infinity. Yess, I love you that much. Waking up every single day and realise that I am still with you do gives a smile on my face and made my day. I feel alive. And its hard for me to close my eyes every night cause I am scared that you'll leave me the next morning . Im not ready for that and never will be . I pray everyday when Im going to meet Allah. I pray for us. I pray that He will makes our dream comes true . I pray the He will makes our Alyssa and Adam born to this world with us as  their parents. I pray the best for us and wish that we will live happily ever after until my last breath . Sometimes, I hope that I could die before you cause I dont want to see you happy with some other girls. Yahh, Im jelly much about it cause Im deeply in love with you. I put hopes on you. All I ever hope is you to love me like the first day we're in love and never hates me like the day we've broke up. I'll promise you I wont leave you and I hope you'll promise the same thing . Keep your promises and my love will be with you wherever and whenever you are. Sayang , I love you till the my heart stop beating