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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Monday, October 24, 2011

I MISS....

Dear Boyfriend

I MISS the old you who always say something sweet to me,
I MISS the old me who use to laugh for all the jokes you told me,
I MISS the old us when we're use to be together everytime we have,
I MISS the day when we're hold hands together and you'll never let go of it, 
I MISS our noon when we're having lunch together and you bought me my favorite food, 
I MISS our evening together at the park, taking photos together and play in the rain, 
I MISS our dawn together in the car singing out loud our favorite song like no one ever heard, 
I MISS our night together sitting besides each together and laugh when we're talking about our future together
I MISS the way you say you love me cause you really mean it until you cry, 
I MISS the way you say you miss me and hold me like im going far away from you
I MISS the way you say you need me and you'll never let me go or you'll never leave me, 
I MISS the way you always give me surprise on our monthly anniversary, 
I MISS everything that we have before, 

I MISS the day you create this video for me..

Are we gonna stick like this forever? I hope we wont sayang, cause everything I do, I'll do it for you and I keep my words for that. I really MISS you. Please be back to the way you use to be. Its not that I hate you for who you are now, I understand how your life is. But to stick together for a long time do need loves from each other. 6 months, 3 weeks and 3 days is not a short time for me. You know how much I love you right sayang? Yeah, I d know the higher the expectation, the more the disappointment. But loving you never regretful to me. Its always the best thing ever happens to me. Even if you're changing , the same heart and love from me will always there with you.

Lots of Love from me, 
Your Loved One