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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, October 21, 2011


Dear Readers, 

Did you guys know. On 21st of October 2008 was the date when me and Lilo first became bestfriend. We're weird right cause we have bestfriends date and you dont. Lol. Hehe, so today. On 21st October 2011, we're celebrating our 3rd years of being friends. Its Bestfriends Anniversary. Yeahh :D That is soooo cool. Seriously soo cool for us. Its already been 3 years we've been friends. But seriously, I felt like I'd know her for the whole time of my life. Maybe its our destiny to be bestfriends since we're in our mommy's belly. Hehe. 

Nur Zahirah bt Idris or also known as Achik and Lilo by me :)

I love her, I love her, I love her !!!

This girl, whoaaaa ! This girl is soo cool. She's the coolest girl i ever met. She understands me even if I tried to explain anyhting to her in France, Mexican, Italian or else *just joking* haha. She knows everything tht I like. And we do have the same hobby too. Know what? Yeahh, shopping and singing ! :D The first day I know her, she wasnt really a bestfriend to me that time cause she's my enemy. Haha, I think she's just being envy to me back then *lol, now ayat perasan sgt* Haha, at first we're never really be friends. She hates me for the reason I dont even know. haha, yeahh I was a new kid in school that time. No wonders lah kan :P But after a few months, she gets to know me and we've became friends. I really like being friends with her cause we have the same brain thinking. Haha, yknow what I mean :P 
I just love this girl too much. She's a sister to me, a friend to me, an enemy to argue for and sometimes she acts like a guardian angel to me. Lol, i love her too much. Haha, there's alot of things I wish I could tell you guys about her. But time wont let me. I have to go now cause I've got something important to do. Anyway, happy ann girlfriend :) Being with you, never a regrets for me. You're the best girl I've ever known ! So, keep rocking this world with me cause this world aint cool without us :) Forever DILO