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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Bloggy 

This aint cool. Not cool at all. Hm, just about this one thing, and everythings became miserable. Just because of the small things. This afternoon at school. I had a fight with my classmate, *only certain people knows who* He's a boy act. As usual, we're like to fight even for a little tiny things. And this time, the fight became really hard. We started to beat each other like the man and woman in WWF. Not the World Wildlife Fund . But its like World Wrestling Federation . Seriously are. he punch me, and i punch him back and so on. He push me to the wall and i started to kick him. I am really pissed off by that time and i never hit a boy like i didi to him. I never act like that before. I'd became a totally different person when im pissed off. So, when we're fighting, my other classmate told me that the teacher saw us fighting. And i was like "This is not cool. I dont wanna go to the discipline room tomorrow" And i get my helmet and go home. 

But this is not the real reason why i said "This aint cool" earlier. Hm, when Iman knows about this incident, he started to freak out and getting pissed off. He's really ad and he started to scold the guy *my classmate*. but i told him not to do that cause i dont wanna make anything become even swizzle than it has be. Hm, and lastly, he mad at me and started to scold me. Im scared. Honestly, im scared when he's started to pissed of like that. He's one hot tempered guy. And he didnt wants to reply my text and ask me to stay away from him. And i cry. Im not that strong. I cant stand it when people is mad at me for the reason i dont even know actually why. I reaaly hope he'' forgive me. I tried to talk to him. But he wouldnt listen. And that aint cool. I should never told him earlier. I feel bad right now. All i hope is nothing would happen to us and to me tomorrow at school. 

Im soooooo sorry cause i'd made you mad.
I didnt mean too.
Like you know, i never kept any secrets to you.
Bie, forgive me sayang :'(