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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Bloggy 

I Had such a wonderful today and i really dont even know how to explain that 'wonderful' Haha . Firstly , I really do think that Iman has changed. He's really changed . Like alot of changes . *okay, I really need to stop repeating the word change* Haha , after everything that we've been trough , He had proven it to me today that he's really the man that i loved before and will be forever . Thanks for that Sayang. Now , you have my trust on you back again and dont you ever do anything that will make me, take back the trust I gave to you and never give it back. This time , its a real talk . Once , he promised me that he wanted to take me on a shopping day . And today , he really did that. I almost forgotten that promise he made cause its really like a-long-time-ago promise. Haha , I never expected that he will remember those promises that me, myself didnt remembered it . Hm, at first , I never wanted to trouble him . Cause all I need is just him . Just to prove to me that he really loves me and he's the man im in loved before. I dont want he to think that we've been together just because I wanted his money. No ! I want his heart and love. Only that . But , yknow lah Iman kan? Haha , he starts sulking when I said "Bby taknak apa apa lahh.. Lagipun bby tak tahu nak pilih apa" *when we enters the MNG boutique*. So, I have to choose at least a thing to make him smiled back again . I really appreciate what he had done to me today. Treat me on a lunch , buying me shirt from MNG and cardigan from PDI , and he wanted to buy me a new shoes and watch either . Haha , I dont need those thing la syg . I still can use the old one. I dont wanna trouble you. But still, he wants it. Its okay , if that what makes he smile , I'll accept that . 

And sayang , thanks again okay ? Thanks sbb dah buat mcm mcm untuk saya , You really are A Real Boyfriend to me and the man in my dream .I hope we'll stay this way forever and never leave each other behind. Sincerely, me :)