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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to both of you :D

Happy Birthday Aunty 

Hm, this woman right here is my boy's mom.  I call her aunty cause she's not yet my mother-in-law right? haha, so, im used to call her aunty. She's like the greatest woman in the world besides my mom. Always, my mom comes first right? hehe. Whenever i have any problems, she's the first woman im looking forward to. She's understands the teenagers feeling. Thats what makes her great. I love talking to her. She's awesome ! Everything about her is awesomeness. Trust me, you'll know it if you know her. Iman is one lucky boy to have a mom like her. What i wanna wish for is, happy birthday aunty :) Be happy in your ife and im glad to know a woman like you. And im sorry if anything happens between me and Iman, makes you feel angry or so wtv. Again, i hope you'll keep your awesomeness with you :)

Happy Birthday Mieza Asyraf :)

Hey hey there, haha, Mieza you're getting older you know? HAHA, its such a great time to have a friend like you and Lilo is one lucky girl to have you as her boyfriend. Thanks for helping me and Iman everytime we had a misunderstanding :) And one more thing, take care of my girlfriend, Lilo with all youf life okay? Please, dont dissapoint er. She never loves a man like she loves you. And i wish bot of you we'll be happy all the time. And Mieza, stop bullying me! HAHA, you're one good friend and i wish all the best in your life :)