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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear Bloggy<3 

Im kinda upset now because of this one girl. Seriously, i cant believe it that it really happens. She's a friend to my other friend. Hahaa. Let me put her name as Mia ok. (bukan nama sebenar) hehe. I started being friend with her when she's joining me and my other girlfriends hanging out. At first i thougt that she'a adorable. Im kinda adores her style, her behavior and lots more about her. Just last night, my friend texted me said that Mia is taking bad about me behinds my back. And i was like "HUH? SERIOUSLY? DID SHE REALLY DID THAT TO ME?" Its kinda unbelievable cause she used to call me bie, beby, syg and so on. She never is my bff but she's my friend. And i quickly grab my phone and call the friend who told me about this. And she told me everything that Mia sid to her. And im kinda heart break to heard that. I thought she's my friend. And the weird thing is, i never interfere in her life. We only hanging out together for just like 2 or 3 times. And not more. She didnt even know me better like my girlfriends does. And why is she talks behind my back? Is she jealous of me or what? Cause if she is, she didnt need to feel like that. Cause she had a wonderful life more than i had. And please, i just hoped that she'll realised about this. I dont wanna pick a fight with anyone. Im tired to sit in a situation like this. One more thing, the reason im with Iman is not about his money, or he's rich. I love him with all my heart and i never ever need his money to complete me. I only need his love. Please, think before you talk about me. Cause i can sneidjer you up in any seconds. Its just that, you're pathetic and i dont wanna pick a fight with a girl like you. Be alive dear, and get a life ! I already click on the disconnect button cause i dont wanna have any connection with you.Im feeling major down now. I hope you understands. Please stop spreading rumors about me cause you aint that good enough to talk bad about other people.