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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Bloggy

Its a day with my beloved girlfriends. Lilo Nicola, Alyn and Babyy Sue :) And oppsss tersesat sorg Mieza Asyraf. Hehe. Yesterday was pretty a happy day to me. Thanks guys for putting a smile on my face yesterday. We done many things yesterday and ofc, Karaoke, Watching movies and snapping photos all the times :) Hm, Its kinda sad cause Iman was not there at that time. He had a things to do for his college. But its okay, i understand. Student kan? Hm, When we were karaokae-ing, thay asked me to sing one song. And you know what song is that? HAHA, "Seiring dan Sejalan" Ohh damn ! I have no voice, how can i sang that song. But still, for my gff, i sang that song in my horrible voice and all out of sudden, pooopps ! My voice, its gone. Haha, sorry guys. Im not feeling very well yesterday. So, we went to watched movie. "Bini Biniku Gangster" Its such a great movie y'know? Hilarious, funny, sweet, and cute :) Im a fan of Yana Samsudin. So, i love that movie. Its worth it to pay RM13 for a ticket. Seriously. Then, while we're in the movie, Sue had to go back early so she left me and Alyn both alone watching the movie. But its okay. We still manage to hold on until the end of it. Haha :D And finally, its snap snap snap time :D taking a full load shit of photos cause thats what we loved to do :) Anyway, my energy keeps reducing time by time. At the end of the day, i felt weak. I lost a lot of energy cause im not that well yesterday. I still went out cause i dont wanna break my gff hearts. So, i kept saying to myself to be strong. And i manage to do so until the end of the day and im proud of myself :) Thanks guys for lighten up my day 

I say muah muah muah. HAHA, my special kiss :D

Bullying Moment :)

Karaokeeeeeee !!!Lalalalaaaaa :D

Im a kid. I dont wanna grow up :D Peace !

Waiting for the movie :)

OMG :D Superstar <3

Yumm Yumm, for dinner. But still, i dont have the eating mood.

The End of the day :D

Sorry for the bad English :D