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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Bloggy 

Aiman Shazni :)

Sara Diyana :)

Arisyah a.k.a Shasha to me :)

Blogg, blogg, bloggg ! I'd found my old friends back. My old old old friends. Like really old ! HAHA, it was a friend when i was only in primary school. When i was 12 :) Say ILOVEYOU to facebook. Without facebook, i wont be able to find them. I really really really miss them :) Ohh, im soooo glad. I dont know how to tell you how glad i am :) Hm, although its only 3 of them. But im pretty sure that i will find a lot moreeeee than i had found now. Thats my promise and i keep my words.They were like my bestfriend ever when i was 12, everything i do, i'll do it with them. Its kinda awkward to look at their pistures and surprisingly say "Whoaaaa, she's really grown up, she's beautiful, she's blah she's and blah blah blah" So do him. Haha :D They look different since the last time we'd met. And im really glad to see their changes. Like Arisyah, she wears hijab now and she looks cute in it. She's my everything. She's my sister, my bestfriend, even sometimes she can be my mom. Haha :D Hm, i dont even know what to say now cause im wayyyy tooooo excoted about this. I wanna plan a meet up with them cause they are my old old old friends. Why shouldnt i right? hehe, guys, if you're reading this blog, i just want you guys to know that i really miss you guys a lot! Like seriously a lot ! Hehe, one day, we'll meet up okay guys? I miss miss miss miss miss the old time about us :'D