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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dear Bloggy

Today was quite hilarious, fun and anger day for me at school. Just because of this one boy, Itqan Izdihar. Haha :D He's kinda like my best boy classmate. We always arguing about little things in class. He likes to teases me everytime when he gets bored. Thats part of his part time job in the class. Everyone in the class do know how we act when we're stay closed. I'll be punching him of his stomach and he punch me back! Isnt that awesome? Haha, sometimes i do get mad of him for teasing me when im not in the good mood. Just like earlier in the class today. I dont even talk to him, and he started to tease me. Thats when i got mad. People who knows me, know how i act when i got mad. And i kept staying away from him but still, he teases me. He'll never get satisfied until i pay back on him. And thats happened when he try to place a whiteboard eraser on my face. I get up from my chair, and i chase him. And he gets twice punch from me. Yeah baby ! Im strong. Haha. If you ask me to fight with that boy, i will and im going to win. Haha. Dream on myself :P But, that fight was just a jokes. Cause we are the light in the class. Everythings happened between us will always be a joke. So, to all my classmate, dont be scared. We're not fighting with each other. It was just and act with a serious facial sign XD