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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

*The facts About YOGURT*


Okay, when i was learning Agama at school today, i finally know one facts about yogurt and its really disgust me. I dont wanna eat that thing anymore. Seriously, no ! When i was learning the topics about business, the teacher asked us, can we sell 'animal waste' in Islam? and the answer is no. But that is not the point what im trying to tell you now. The fact is, the teacher told us one thing about yogurt.

Did you guys know that yogurt is act made from the baby's poops ? OMG, at first when i heard about it, i think like i might vomit in the class in front of everyone. Eeeeuuwwwwww !!!!! I was one of the yogurt fans back then. I love yogurt esp in strawberry taste. When i know the main ingredient of yogurt is the baby's poops. There is no way im going to eat then after this and ever ==" But, JAKIM approved that it was HALAL. and i dont even know why. But even if its HALAL, i dont wanna eat anythng that produces from the baby's poops. Grr ==" Thanks Ustazah cause you told us about this. HAHA :D Remember peps. This is fact. not a story :)