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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Bloggy 

Im feeling happy today :) I never thought that i would find my old friend back. Seriously, its been a long time since i've been to Ipoh and we're never talk to each other. He's been my friend since im in form2. And he's also my ex. One of the sweetest boy i've ever met other than Iman :P His name is Faiz. And i used to call him Ayi back then and he gives me a nickname, 'AYA' Isnt that sweet? Haha, when we combined it, it would be AYAYI. hehe, i know him when i was in form2, he's my schoolmate when im in KL. I never thought that he was searching for me all this while when we were being apart. I thought that he'd already forgotten about me cause i'd hurt him back then. But just now, he told me that he really miss me and im glad to hear it. Cause finally i can feel relieves that he never been mad at me . And im thanking him for that :) We had a lot of story to share together. We talk to much in the IM at facebook. I've been looking forward to meet him one day cause its been a long time since we've hangout with each other. I would bring Iman along and i will ask him to bring her girl along too. So, we can get to know each other :) Double Date of course ! Hehe :) Err, i dont even know what to write now, cause there's a lot more amazing things about him that i cant really tell :P

Dear Ayi, 
Im really glad to know that you miss me and you've been looking for me all this while. Im glad to have such a friend like you. And just wait, one day, we'll meet again okay bro? Thanks cause you really made my night :D