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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Do I Have To Suffer?

Dear Bloggy  

He just put the tears on my eyes again. Many times he had did the same thing to me and it really hurts me. He promised me once that there will never be any tears on my face if i stayed with him. And im soo stupid for believing such a promise like that. Nonsense Dido ==" You'd hurt me for soo many times and now, my heart is damaged. Damaged so badly. Once i saw you're being nice to other girl, my heart broken into pieces. Hey, Im your girlfriend. Dont you get it? I deserve to be jealous looking at you with other girls. Im a human. I have heart and feelings too. Not just you. Please, im begging you to understands me. When i told you that you're wrong, you dont even want to admit it. Instead, you're blaming me for that and it hurts me boy. When i told you that im going to leave you, you said i had someone else other than you. No! Im not. There's no one besides you. Its always been you. You never trust me for that. Im not a player. And now, we're back together again and i hope you're changed. Cause if you're not, im not afraid and will never regret to leave you for the second time. I love ou but im tired of hoping something from you and tired of feeling hurts. No matter what, please, im begging you. Please changed for the sake of our love