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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hani Syazwina ♥

Dear Bloggy,

Hani Syazwina 

She's one of my closest friend in KL. She was the apple of my pet brother eyes, Aqil. Haha, they are sooo sweet looking together. Its been a long time since we're not cpntacting each other. She was busy with her life and so do i. Both of us need to sit for our SPM paper this year. And sure we got a lot to do right?  I text her once when i informed her about my new celcom number. But still, there's no sound from her. I started to think that she had forget me and dont wanna be friends anymore until this day when she IM-ed me on facebook and say Hai Dido. Haha :D Im really glad to hear from her. We talked and chat alott of things because thats what we do when we're met. Haha, i miss that moment syg :) Grr, she asked me to joined her for shopping and i say one day i will when my purse full of money. Wait up okay? Haha, Hani is really a nice girl and Abg Aqil is lucky to have someone like her in his life. 

Dear Honey, 
Wait up for me okay? We'll gonna have sleepover and shopping moment together one day. I promise you :)

The conversation between us  ♥ ;