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Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear Bloggy, 

Again, Malaysia had just lost the second game defeated by the Singapore. I thought that the tigers would take the jungle crown away from the lion and it never happened. But its okay. They'd done very well in the game and really proud of them. I was twitting when i watched the game. And all the timeline in my twitter full of "Go! Go! #HarimauMalaya" "Khairul Fahmi, you are our hero tonight" "Im proud to be Malaysians."

Safee Sali&Khairul Fahmi

 And the hillarious one is the tweet about Singapore team. Watched this tweet;

"RT ; Bolos gol msia pun sbb pemain msia igtkan tgh tgk live sinetron atas padang. Mana tknye, penuh pelakon satu padang baju merah."

"Singapore semua sibuk packing bag malam neh sbb takot kantoi curi rumput nnt."

"Bila player S'pore balik nnt, mesti heboh satu Singapore, gegar pasal rumput Malaysia neh best! HAHA :D"

"RT ; Anyway Singapore, rumput ada banyak tercabut tu.Taknak bawak balik negara kau ke since negara kau punya rumput tu tiruan?"

"RT ; Kalau ade piala world-lying-on-the-grass-cup, confirm singapore world champion "

Haha, funny isnt it? Well, the football match is really amazing. I love watching this match. Full of excitement. Even the Malaysia teams did not win the match but im sure they have the other oppurtunity in other things. They had did their best to make Malaysia proud and Im proud of them :) I ♥ HARIMAU MALAYA :)