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Friday, July 29, 2011

Blackberry Torch Awaits♥

Dear Bloggy

Haha, today was the happiest day for me. Haha, when i came back from school. I open up my laptop and start logging in my Facebook. And then, i just saw my mom appears online. I updated my status about her A.S.A.P. Haha :D and then, we started to comment. Suddenly, i asked her to buy me the BB. Haha, my dream ever :) It was my mission to try to seduced her. Haha :D I try to talk to her about the BB. And she said, you'll get the BB Torch if we canceled your bedroom set and just repainting the old set. Deal?

At once i didnt agreed with her offer. But then, i think back about it. My bedroom set doesnt damaged badly and its still in a ggod condition. So, why not? I've been waiting to get the BB for a long time and now i get the opportunity. Haha, and i accepted the deal. And yeahh! I'll get my BB Torch later. Wow, its incredible. I didnt even expect that i would get it. And now, my dream had come true. HAHA, thanks for my mommy. And mom, you're the best! Haha, BB Torch, you'll gonna wait for me in the mean time. Hehe