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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Captain America♥

Dear Bloggy

I  Captain America :)

Ok, yesterday Iman brought me to a movie. At first, when he said that we're gonna watch Captain America, i didnt expected that the movies is gonna be really great and i know its gonna make me feels boring all the time. But after i'd watched the movies, i know. I didnt felt dissapointed to watched that movie. Itsr really great and really really great. Haha, its not just a story of a soldier but and honoured man i think. And the hilarious part is the hero, CHRIS EVANS looked just like a friend of mine, ALIFF ZULKARNAIN. Haha, seriously, they both looked the same. The only difference is, Chris is more taller and tougher. Haha, and Ahlep is just a skinny guy. Hehe *sorry Ahlep. But i enjoyed watching it Hurry up guys, Go and watch how the Captain save America from the disaster :)

Captain America before;
And after. Whoaaa :)