"I typed my life because I don't want to forget each moment. I'm Nurul Hidayah, 20. Muslimah. Malaysian
They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Monday, September 22, 2014


Dream. Some people believed in dreams, some people don't. But what do I think? Part of me wanted to believe that dreams will eventually came true, on the other part, I don't want it to be true cause some dreams are just so wrong and became nightmares. I've tried avoiding dream, but it's not mine to control. I've been dreaming a lot lately, and night by night, it's always the same dream. I mean, the same person keep coming into my dream. Was once someone I knew. WAS. Does it mean something? To keep dreaming about the same person with different scene in the dream. But why? It was the last thing I'd ever wanted to do, to dream about 'that person' because it hurts. Yes, it is. At times, I just wanted to stay awake the whole night, cause I don't want to dream. The more I try to avoid it, the more it kept coming into me. I've searched on the internet about what it meant, and most of the blog and psychologist said that:

1. They might be giving us something valuable in future. 

2. Both of you have such a strong bond. (or in other words, both of you are attached )

3. That person is remembering us too. 

But then again, I'm in denial. I decided not to believe and I blame myself for it. Maybe I'm just been thinking about lot of things lately. Handling my husband, my Muhammad, my study and my life. Maybe I'm just too stress that I've started thinking nonsense. There's no need in me to precise whether the person that came in my dream is a he/she because public make speculation and I'm trying to avoid it. Whatever the dream means, I hope that it will be good for me in future or nothing will ever happen. Because we all know some dreams are good, and some are just nightmares and bring dark to us. ( excuse for my Star Wars language ) I hope it won't and I hope this dream will stop. VERY SOON. And if it don't, I'll ask my dream catcher to catch that dream and throw it far far far far far away. 

You Know Who I Am,
That 90s Kid