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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Dear readers, 

Well, I am not going to talk much on today's post. Cause there's no words could actually describe on how happy and how much fun do I have today on the Induction Day for Asasi TESL's June 2012/2013 student. Its like the best orientation I've ever been to before. Seriously. Thanks to all the seniors, kakak-2 and abang-2 from B. Ed. Tesl. We really do appreciate what you guys have done for us today. We have a lot of fun. Playing twisted tongue, 'telefon buruk', blind waiters, treasure hunt, and etc. Here's some photo of me and my friends, having fun. Lol~

The Red Warriors!
From the top, left, Patricia, Ericka, Lyana, Madi, Aiman.
From the left, in front, Aliq, Noor, Adibah, Dira, Me, Abg Johan, Hanan, Afirul.

This is how monsters (hungry people) looks like. Lol~

Meet Mek. Haha, a girl from Kelantan, Wan Syuhada. I love to call her Mek.

Teeth commercial break models. Lulz,

"Hoi, dont interrupt. Im trying to take a photo here. Hahaha"

Safura "Mek ni, tidur je tahu. Kawe debik nnt, kawe penat senyum ni"
Mek "Kawe ngantuk dah ni. Kawe nak tidur'
Me "Guys, smile guys. Show your strong teeth. This is an audition for teeth commercial break model"



The Loudest Girls in the group. Here we are :D

Meet Lyana~

Meet Engku Hanan~