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Monday, May 7, 2012



So today, I just wanna do a little pep talk about what I learn from one book that I’ve just finished read last week. So, wear your spectacles, adjust your sitting posture and sit properly. Hehe, and stick your eyes to the screen as you read this. Lol~ ( I do sound like forcing people to read this aite? ) haha, just forget  it. So, this is the lecture or ‘pep talk’ from my version of Dr.Phil. Lulz,

Well, from the past 3 weeks before, I’ve been reading this book titled ‘Does My Head Look Big In This?’ by Randal Abdel-Fattah. Just looking by it cover, I know this story is about a girl who wears Hijab but living in a non-muslim community in Australia. Well, you guys might not understand the story as you don’t read it yet. But for those who had read it, im pretty sure they will share the same feeling with me. ‘INTERESTING & FUNNY BOOK’ Seriously. And for those who hasn’t read the book yet, here’s  a little bit summary of the story.

“Amal is a sixteen years old girl that was born as Australian-Muslim-Palestinian. And on the third term of schooling at McCleans Grammar School, she decided to wear a hijab ‘full-time’ which means she’s going to wear hijab everytime she goes out from her house. At first, she’s kinda freaked out about what people, her friends, her teachers are gonna say about the veil on her head. But, she’s a brave girl. Once she said she wanna be a ‘full-time’ hijabis, she will do it. Amal’s decision to wear the hijab full-time takes a lot of guts. As a Muslim girl living in a community that full of Christian and people that never stop judging, it is a tough enough for her. But still, she can cope with the prejudice, keep her friends with her and still attract the cutest boy in school. And at last, she’s successfully change the perspective of ‘a girl with hijab cant move on or get a brighter future’ . She’s actually did it.”

Well, that’s all that I can say about the story cause I don’t remember that much. By reading the summary, im pretty sure that you guys can actually think of what topic that I wanna write now. Yes! Its about ‘hijab’ . As you see, nowadays, there are so many girls with hijab. Wherever you go, whenever it is. The point is now, do all the full-time hijabis really know their intention to wear hijab? Is it because hijab has been one kind of fashion trend in Malaysia or because they wear the hijab because of Allah. As a muslim girl, it is our duty to cover up our whole body except our face and hand. I am not trying to be an’ ustazah’ or what so ever. Iam just trying to give my opinion about hijabis right now. For those girls out the who doesn’t wears hijab, I am so sorry. No offense, its not that I want to judge all of you. I am just trying to give my opinion on my blog. No offense, seriously.

To be honest, I start to wear hijab as a ‘full-timer’ is only when I was 16. Before that, I saw hijab as an out dated fashion and so ‘kampungan’ you know. Haha, but that was before. After I start to wear hijab full time, I found that I am so beautiful with hijab. Lulz, I really am. ‘Don’t hate me cause Im beautiful’ Haha,cheesy songs. So, this year is going to be the third year me as a full time hijabis and I am so glad that I make this action. Doesn’t mean just because you wears hijab you couldnt have fun, you couldnt attract the cutest guy in school, you can be a successful woman in the future. If someone said so, its all bullshit yknow! Don’t believe them. Its all crap. They’re saying that because they get jealous seeing you so beautiful in hijab. And I am not joking. I have this one friend. ( not going to tell her name ) She always told me that I look prettier if I remove the veil on my head but in fact is, she’s just jealous that everyone around her saying that I look pretty in hijab and she doesn’t. ( This is based on the true story ) I wear hijab because of Allah, that is my intention. Wearing a hijab without knowing your true intention is as just the same as you don’t have the direction for your future. You have to be sincere. As sincere as you wanna give your love to someone you really love. Allah knows everything that you have in your mind and in your heart. Hijab is not just a fashion. Its about doing your duty as a Muslim woman for Allah.

When people ask you, especially the foreigners or other races “Why do you wear the hijab/veil on your head? Is it to protect your hair or what?” You cant simply answer “Its because of fashion. Almost everyone wears hijabs now. If you don’t wear it, you are so out dated” That is not the answer to that question. Its kinda weird if you see a foreigners that doesn’t born as a Muslim wears a hijab. Don’t you think everyone will freaked out? The appropriate answer for the question is, “As a Muslim woman, its part of my religion to wear the hijab.” Let them know how important to wear a hijab based on our religion. I am not trying to talk like a diva or a popular person or what so ever, but even I do wears hijab and I still can attract the cutest guy in school. And in fact, we’re best friend more like couples until now. I’ve been on that place before. A place where you thought girls who wears hijab cant attract any guys cause we look like a girl from village that doesn’t even know what the true meaning of fashion. And people will keep judging us, the full timer hijabis. But in fact is, if you really do realise, guys look for sexy girls just to play around and have fun. But when it comes to marriage, they still search for a girl who wears hijab, a girl that knows her duty to Allah. Most of the guys do. Hijab is not the wall between you and the world of fun. You can always break the wall, you, yourself who created the wall. Not hijab. Yknow what I mean aite? Even in hijab, you can still have fun, hanging out with your girls, shopping, watching movies and what so ever.

Who says a hijabis cant have a brighter future? Look at Yuna. You have the example clearly right in front of your eyes. Look at her, she’s a successful performer right now. She wears hijab. But that doesn’t keep her away from achieving her dreams. As for me, I wanna be a writer and I know I can achieve it even with the hijab on. So, please, I hope all the hijabis and hijabis beginner out there, find out the true intention of why you wear the hijab. I cant say much about this anymore as it has be a long talk now. Haha, sorry for wasting your time on this. Anyway enjoy J

Love, Nurul Hidayah