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Tuesday, April 3, 2012



“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.” ― Drew Barrymore

P/S : Im going to write a long speech today. Cause im sick of girls worrying about looking pretty.

Beauty? That is all a girl think about each day ever since they were a kid or grown up. I think about being beauty. Even mom does it. Admit it, all girl do think about it. They just wanna be pretty. When we were born, mostly the first sentence that came from our parents mouth is "Aww, you're so pretty" Since that moment, all the girl only know about is being pretty. Here's a little information about why girls wanna be pretty as  they grew up. When we're in kindergarten, a girl wanna be pretty so that she could have a lot of friend. No kids wanna be friend with ugly kids. And when we're in primary, a girl still wanna look beautiful so that she could be the most popular girl in the school and build up a gang called 'The Popular Girls'. And as we're in highschool, a girl wanna be pretty so that she could impress a guy to be her boyfriend. Any girl with no boyfriend will got mocked. That is so highschool. And as we're grew up more and lived in a college life, a girl wanna be pretty so that she could be an icon and everyone will loves her. And lastly, even if we're a grown ups lady/woman, we still wanna look pretty for our husband. There's no wrong about trying to be pretty. But what is wrong is most definition of pretty that I always hear from people is a girl that have black/blonde-shiny-wavy hair, fair skin, blue/green eyes, perfect white teeth, clean fingernails, and the most important part is, they have to be skinny. 

The truth is, you dont have to be that one kind of girl to being called pretty. No matter if you have curly hair, wearing braces, a fat girl with small eyes. IT REALLY DONT MATTER. What matter the most is, you're happy with the way you look. You live your life with that body that God creates for you. Happiness is the key to be pretty. Pretty is not about the outside look of you. Beauty is inside of you. You just need to live happily with a smile on your face and thats it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not every girl in this world could have such a perfection pretty look on the outside. Those girls who are born with that look is just lucky. Even if you dont have that kind of look, it doesnt mean you're unlucky, you just different from those girls. why do you have to try hard to fit in with those pretty and skinny girls when you have your own chance to stand out with the beauty inside of you. If its about boys, forget it. You dont have to be pretty for boys. Only stupid and moron guy will judge and love you the way you look. If they love you because of your looks, they're just trying to sleep with you. Seriously. But if a guy, love you because the beauty inside of you, inside of your heart, without judging on the way you look, it really means he loves you. Love will find you girls someday. A prince will always look for his princess, just like fairytales. So girls, just wait. 

I've stand up my opinion on being pretty. So think about it. Its not just about the look, beauty is inside of you. Just think of a way to let it out. Be happy, that is only what you need to be pretty. Stop hating your body. You cant be Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes or other actress. Dont be anyone else, be you and stay happy.

Mandisa-True Beauty. The lyrics

Love, Nurul Hidayah