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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No one really knows what love is. Everyone have their own opinion about the meaning of love. So do i. Love for me is the feelings between two person, which is man and woman, to hold on each other life until the last breath. Hm, but just like we know about love. Love sometimes can be the sweetest thing we ever had and sometimes it hurt us. It is not LOVE if you wont feel hurt in relationship. Hurt is part of love and its a must have in it. There is this one couple I know on Twitter. They were like the most cutest and happiest couple I've ever seen . Their tweets do inspire me to be a good girlfriend to my boyfriend and do help me to make my relationship became okay and as happy like this . They do look good together and awesome together. And I know that they are meant together.They inspires me alot. They always been a role model for me. A role model for me how to treat my boyfriend right. They are the reason why I believe that true love really exists. But then, today. I sign in my Twitter and saw my timeline full of people mentioning their names . I am really in shocked when I knew that they broke up . Like seriously broke up . Damn , what really had happen to them . I wanna see them together cause thats how it suppose to be .I miss their full of sweetness tweets and llots more about them. Hm, seeing them broke up really makes me feel insecure. Cause if the happiest couple could broke up, what about me? I am not the happiest couple of all.Hearing the news about them do really make me feel that nothing last forever even the one you loved the most. Hm, what I am trying to say now is, sometimes Allah is testing us in our love life. We just have to face it calmly . To double A couples, I wish all the best to you guys.. If you guys were meant to be, you guys wil be :)