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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Bloggy

You gonna be real shocked when you heard about my trial SPM result. Cause it sucks. And i myself sucks cause i dont study. I never prepare for the exam before it starts and now, im not proud with myself. Yknow what bloggy, i got 3A 1B 2C 2D and 1F. I never ever wanted F in my trial SPM result and even so, there it had. It sucks. Yeahh, it really sucks. At first i thought i can get about 6A and no F. And there it goes, nothing related to my target. But never mind, like my cousins Ilham and Najat said to me . There's still time for me to fix it before the real war of SPM start. And im going to use all my time to study. *I wish i could, but i cant resist the temptation to tweet everyday. Haha, so lets make an exception for tweeting. Deal? Yeahh ! :D My mom always says to me, "You have a brilliant brain and right mind, so, use it wisely. SPM didnt come twice. You cant be succesful once you failed the SPM. " And thats the time when i realise that i need to focus on my study or my life gonna end up in mess. Okay guys, keep my words. Im going to change evrything about my life routine except tweeting. Hehe, so, i think im going to do the best for myself. And i'll pray for it. Amin :)