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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Story about a friend who always behave badly...

There is this two person that have became bestfriend since they were 12 until now.  They are Emily and Nicole. At first, Nicole thought that Emily is her bff cause Emily is the only girl that always be besides her whenever she's in need. But that was a years ago. Since the last year or recently, Emily is acting like a bitch and jerk. Nicole was too nice and she doesnt wanted to hurt Emily feelings. So, she keep it in her heart day by day. And it hurts her. Emily keep insulting her cause she was fatter than Emily, heavier than Emily, and bigger than Emily. Emily always think that she was everyone favorite even they didnt said so. Whenever Emily sees a girl hanging out with her boyfriend or her ex, she will says "Eeeuwww, seriously that girl? She's nothing. Im prettier" And Nicole will always have to agreed with that cause she didnt want Emily to think that she's backstabbing her by supporting others. Nicole is one true friend cause she never talk bad about Emily behind Emily's back. But Emily always does. She even said that Nicole was a fatso ! And that hurts Nicole because Emily is her bff and no bestfriend will said that to their friends rite? And still Nicole keeps it by herself. Until this time, Nicole cant stand with her behavior and she express everything to her other friend that truly understanding and worth trusting to. Whenever both of them hanging out with other friends, Emily keeps bullying Nicole by asking her to go to do that, do this and etc. When Nicole refused to, Emily would say "Nicole, you have to no matter what. Cause you have those one big ass and is necessary for you to minimise the size. Dont you wanna be like me? Haha, come on" Isnt that is such a horrible things to say to your bestfriend? Ehem, yess ! Duhh -.- But still Nicole stay true with Emily cause she knows that Emily just cant live even just for a sec if she's not there for her. 

So, guys, you can think the moral values of this story yourself huh? Cause its pretty obvious what im trying to tell here. And anyone that i used to call you my bestfriend, PLEASE DONT GET OFFENSE. Im not referring it to any one of you guys. Peace :)

#Just a story. Sorry for the  bad English :)