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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Pra-Merdeka Peeps xD

Okay, im a little bit excited today cause today is the last paper for my trial. And im glad that its all over. Now i dont have to study until late night and get a nice, great and good sleep. Yeahh. But that doesnt mean i dont want to study for the real SPM. I just wanna take a break ans take a rest before i begin to struggle. Hm, this 3 weeks of exam made me felt like a mess. Cause i didnt even prepared for it. So, im kinda clumsy for studying last minute. But its okay. Everythings over now and what makes me feel scary is THE RESULTS. Ohh damn, im pretty sure that i'll get a bad result for the trial cause i dont study at all. I just answer the exam paper based on what i know and what i remembered. Dear Allah, i beg you to give me your blessings for a good result. Hm, hope so. So, for all the form 5 students, happy Pra-merdeka :) Just dont get too excited cause we have a big war to overcome in about less than 2 month. Just take a short break and start struggling for the big war. All the best. And again, this is just a small freedom guys. Keep it in mind :)