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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Supporter Girlfriend that is me :)

Dear bloggy, 

The first time he told me that he's going to move out from his grandma's house, i paused for a while. I know that he might think that im not going to give the permission for it. But while i was paused, i think about it. Why not? He's a big boy now and he didnt have to sit with his mom now. He will move out from that house one day even if its not now. So, dido pun ckp mcm neh jeh : Just ingt, bby pcye kt bie. Bby letak hrpan kt bie. No matter what, bie ddk lah mne bie nk pun, ingat yg bie buat semua tuh utk masa depan kita nnt. Study tetap study, solat tetap solat, family tetap family, bby tetap bby. Ok?" Simple kan? Tk perlu nak marah2, or masam muka. Mmg lah susah nk biarkn lelaki tinggal rumah bujang sbb takot dia ada perempuan lain. But its okay, im being optimistic as told by my friend Nyna :) I trust my boy and i believe he wont do anythng bad behind my back. He loves me and i loves him. Thats what matters now. Dido tk kesah if dia nak ddk mana mana pun. Asalkn keputusan yg dia buat sekarang takan menjejaskn hidup kitorg berdua nnt. Im still going to love him more than ever. Maybe moving out from that house can really makes him happy, it ok for me. Cause all i want is the best for him and always see a smile on his face. Thats the reason i live for . For always made a smile on his face. I will always support your decision no matter what as long it will not ruin our life. Cause when i say i love you, im willing to do anything for you. Like Sis Riera told me : As a woman, we will always willing to do anything for our Mr. Right :) Ily syg  

This is sooo us when we're married