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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil Sis, Farhanah♥

Dear Bloggy, 

Today is my third little sister birthday. The name : Nurul Farhanah :) I used to call her Fana, so do my daddy and my other siblings. But my mom loved to cal her Baby. Euuww, she's big enough to call her baby ok. Pleaseee . *jealous. Haha. As you can know, she's a girl. But her character is moree to boys. She's kinda girl+boy kid. HAHA :D Weird huh? She didnt want to admit that she's a girl. And its really in a critical way. Yahh, she's a gril, but she said she is a boy. And sometimes, my baby sister, Ain call her BROTHER. OMG
! What happen to my sis. Haha. When i asked her what did she want for her birthday, she said she want a remote control car instead of barbie doll ==" And i teased her, i said that i wnna buy her a barbie doll and you know what she said ? she said : "Euuwww, barbie doll? Disgusting!" Haha, she always be the most hardest-to-control girl in this family. Or for short "naughty enough" Haha, only my Abah can control her because she's afraid of him. But what ever she did, she will always be my sister and i love her :) Without her, im not a sister. Right? Hehe :) Lucky to have such a hyper sister like her because she's lighten my day. One day she'll make me angry and one day she'll put a smile on my face. 
"Heyy Fana, Happy Birthday Gedik :) ILOVEYOU as my lil sis ever♥"