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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everyone do changed.

Dear Bloggy

Maybe it is true then. People do changed. Wether in a good way or bad way. But my problem now is i dont even know if he's changing into a good way or bad way. Its just that i dont feel like he's with me now. He feels like a stranger to me. Yess, it does. No more hugging me tight, no more being proud of me as his girlfriend, no more texting with me until late night and no more to everything. I dont even know if he's still loves me as her girlfriend or just a friend. He changed a lot. And sometimes i felt like i just want to sit in the room alone and never meet him so that he will feel how does it hurts when im not with him. I dont wanna talk about this with him cause i know he would get mad at me and blame me for the same reason. So, i keep it by myself for a long time and now. I just cant keep it anymore and yess, what i thought had happened for some minutes ago. I never mean to make you feel bad. Its just that im your girlfriend And we're almost been together for 5 months and you need to know it or i will be hurted for another month maybe. So, i need to tell you how i feel. Please, dont ever change cause i hate it when you change. I just hope that if i could bring back the moment when we're first met and known each other. I love the way he treats me back then. I know i was wrong to. But im a girl and girl is emotional. Thats what a boy need to understand. And after a few tak, it hurts when he says that he's bored being scolded by me. Ok, i was wrong. But mom always said that, when people mad at you and they scold you it means they love you not they hate you. Remember that dude? I love you and i dont even want to lose you. But just somehow, i dislike your changes. Its just not you. 

Dear Iman
If you read this, i hope you'll understands my feelings. I dont wanna hurt you. I scold you cause i love you and i need your attention. You mean a lot to me. No word could describe it. Please, take care of my feelings and i do take a good care of yours. I wanna be your wonderwoman until your last breath. I dont ever wanna see other girl taking care of you, i dont even wanna see any girl could make you laugh the way i do. I want to be your ONLY one.