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Friday, August 19, 2011

Daddy Daddy ! Daddy balik ipoh :)


Just this evening, mom told me that Daddy called her. And he said that, he'll going to be in ipoh for this raya :D Yeay :D Im really glad to hear that. Seriously i miss him alot. I miss my daddy soooo much. I didnt meet him for along time. And when i knew that he's going to ipoh, of course im gonna be the happiest person in this world. HAHA, Daddy's coming to Ipoh. He's going to stay here for 2 weeks. Isnt that great? i get to spend the whole time with my daddy :) I just cant wait for that time to come. Ohh, 27/8 please come earlier. I cant wait to see my father. I wanna hug him and kiss him cause i really really miss him like crazy :D I'd plan a lot of activities for us this raya. Haha, i just cant wait and i dont even know how to describe how much im soooo excited about it :) I wish that this raya would be the most meaningful raya for me :) Even if i had my SPM trial after raya. What do i cares, as long as my daddy's besides me :') 

Isnt they look adorable? Well, this is me and my daddy when i was kid and my daddy's was younger :D