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Sunday, August 21, 2011

20082011 ♥


A'nyna DRosh 

20082011  Hehe :) Today i've a meet up with Nyna. A friend that i've known at facebook "A'nyna DRosh" At first, we were never this close. But when we always talk about our boys problems and our feelings together, we've been sooo close than ever. She's just like a problem solver to me :) Haha, and today was the big day for me. I finally get a chance to meet her after a few weeks we've been friend. I was nervous at first cause it was our first meet up and i dont even know if she's gonna like me. Cause im not that talkative if i never met with someone. Haha, at first, when i saw her at the mcd's counter, she looks really different like she is in the photo. She is soooo cute. And i like her. Haha, she's talkative. Seriously, she always tells me the story about herself and her bf. And i loved to hear it. It makes me comfortable than being quiet all the time. I think that she might be bored with me cause i dont talk as much as she used to. haha, i really dont even know how to start a conversation and if i do, im gonna talk nonsense ==" Haha, but im glad to know her because she is fun. Seriously, i like to be friend with her. And Nyna, thanks for keep making me entertain during our meet up. Hehe, even we were a little bit speechless at the end of our conversation :) Hehe, thanks for today :D