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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daddy :'(

People keep asking me . "wehh , mana ayah kau ? dia tak dtg tgk kau keh ? dia ada call kau tak ? knp ayah kau mcm tak amek tahu pasal kau jeh . knp ayah kau stay kat kl ? knp tak ddk sekali ? " huh , dido dah penat org tanya dido mcm neh . yess , dido tahu dido takde family yg perfect mcm korg . parents dido divorced masa dido f1 . mmg dido sedih . sedih sgtsgt . tp kalau ini yg ditentukan utk dido . mcm mana sekali pun , dido akan tetap tabah , lalui semua neh . mungkin bukan jodoh parents dido utk kekal lama . tp dido tahu . walau jaoh mana pun daddy ada skrg , daddy tetap ingat kat dido kan ? dido percaya daddy akan tetap jaga dido walau dr jaoh . korg takan faham mcm mana syg daddy dkt dido . korg bukan daddy dido . so , korg tak boleh nak judge dia ikot suka hati korg . yess ! mmg dia jrg dtg tgk dido kat ipoh . tp dido selalu pegi kl tgk daddy . dido tak pernah anggap yg daddy tak syg kat dido . dido tahu daddy busy . dido faham . top org laen tak faham mcm mana situasi daddy skrg . dorg tak tahu apa yg daddy kena lalui . dido tahu daddy syg kat mama lagi . dido tak slahkn daddy sbb terpaksa tinggalkn mama . mungkin dulu dido belum faham . tp skrg , dido cuba utk terima kenyataan . daddy , dido tak kesah apa pun org nak ckp pasal daddy . biarla dorg ckp apa pun . dido tetap ada dgn daddy . im always by your side . cause you're my daddy and im your daughter . thats what a daughter do . loving her father till the end of her breath . you'll always be my father and no one can ever replace you . not even my step father . daddy , dido akan tetap doakn daddy . i know you'll always be there for me . you're my guardian . dorg selalu ckp yg daddy dah lupakan dido . daddy dah buang dido . tp dido takan percaya cause i know my dad . he will never do that . rite daddy ? still remember the day we're celebrating our birthday together ? haha , i still missing that moment . you kiss me and i hug you until i cry . cause from that moment , i know that you gonna go far away . but it doesnt matter cause i'll keep waiting for you daddy . remember that your daughters will always miss you and love you :')