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They don't even know that somehow words can be more hurt than bullets."

Friday, December 24, 2010

OMG ! a MONTH already ? :)

Ohh goshh, how iloveyou MOHD HELMY ILHAM BIN RUSHDI . haha, sayang ! dah genap sebulan kita together :) im glad to know a boy like you in my life. you are amazing and wonderful. fyi, dido syg sgtsgt kat emy okay. emy baek dgn dido, emy cuba faham dido. and paling dido respect is, emy boleh tahan dgn perangai dido yg kuat melayan boy and ngadengade neh kan kan. bukan calang2 org dpt sabar ohh. haha. em, pape pun yg jadi, dido akan cuba ubah persepsi diri dido okay syg? i promise you i will try. and dido juga harap yg emy dpt ubah. jgn la cepat sgt jealous syg oii. nak lepak dgn kawan2 pun susah tahu. dido bukan curang pun, takot sgt haa. haha. anyway, thanx juga sbb buat dido rasa diri dido lebih dihargai. finally dido rasa mcm dido neh seorg perempuan yg disygi seseorg :) thanx for treating me like a lady and loving me like im one in a million only girl in the world :) its already a month and i want you to know that i'll always be by your side as your friend, sister, and girlf :) and its my job to keep you happy all day long with me :) thankyou for everything <3